What is Token Terminal?

Token Terminal is a site that provides traditional financial metrics for crypto protocols.

Similar to companies, the services produced by crypto protocols generate cash flows to their owners. At their best, crypto protocols produce open, global, and cost-efficient services. They are worldwide marketplaces on the Internet, where the rules of the value transfer are encoded straight into the software. A token gives its owner both economic and governance rights, similar to traditional company shares.

Our metrics can be divided into three categories:

How do I contact Token Terminal?

For general inquries, data requests, and other contacts get in touch with us via our contact form.

What data sources do you use?

How is [X] calculated?

0x: [filled_orders] x [gas_price] x [150,000]
Aave: [fee_burns]
Augur: [outstanding_interest] x [avg_marketduration] x [avg_reportingfee]
Balancer: [trading volume] x [weighted_balancer_fee]
Bancor: [trading volume] x [avg_pool_fee]
Binance: [trading volume] x [0.01%_rebate]
Bitcoin: [tx_fees]
CoinFLEX: [trading volume] x [0.01%_rebate]
Compound: [paid_by_borrowers] - [paid_to_suppliers]
Cosmos: [tx_fees]
dYdX: [trading volume] x [0.15%].
Erasure: [reported_nmr_payouts] x [nmr_price]
Ethereum: [tx_fees]
Gnosis: [trading volume] x [0.1%_owl_burn].
IDEX: [trading volume] x [0.3%] x [25%_staking_reward].
Kyber Network: [trading_volume] * [burn_percentage (~0.2%)]
Livepeer: [transcoding_fees]
Loopring: [trading_fees]
MakerDAO: [outstanding_supply] x [effective_fee]
Opyn: [estimated_insurance_premiums].
Pool Together: [annual_pt_compound_profits]
Ren: [transaction_value] x [0.1%_fee]
Set: [usd_locked] x [avg_portfolio_streaming_fee]
Synthetix: [trading volume] x [0.3%]
Terra: [transaction_volume] x [0.675%]
Tezos: [tx_fees]
Uniswap: [trading volume] x [0.05%_proposed_uniswap_fee]